Will my conversations be kept confidential?

Yes! Everything you share with the chaplain remains between the two of you. That means we do not disclose our conversations to anyone else in the company, such as HR or management. We do provide quarterly reporting that shows how the workforce is engaging with the chaplaincy program from a very broad and non descriptive perspective. The data does not contain personal information about any employee. Canadian law does however require us to inform the authorities if we ever hear someone seriously threatening harm against others or themselves.

Can I talk to the chaplain about issues outside of work?

Yes! The chaplain is there to engage with you in any area of your life that you wish to discuss. Often issues outside of work are the most pressing, are most important to you and have the largest impact on your work. That is why are here! Your employer recognizes the importance of your personal life and wants to ensure that you have help and support when needed. 

Sometimes workplace relationships, drama, or frustrations can also come up. One tool to help with this is coaching, an approach to ultimately help bring perspectives up that may be challenging to grasp in the moment, while also helping you bring out solutions from within you that are authentic and true to who you are instead of telling you what to do. We believe you are capable of facing the challenges of life, and relational strains and we are here to help support that while also empowering you. Anything that is going on, your chaplain is there to support you without stigma or judgment.

Is there any cost if I use the chaplaincy program?

No! Your employer values you and seeks to show their appreciation for you through covering the cost of this program. You get to decide how much you want to use it and what you want to get out of it. There are situations where you may be seeking other resources within the community, your chaplain will be happy to help you located these resources and give numerous options--however these resources may have a fee associated with them independently. However, rest assured we do not have any agreements or referral benefits to any of the resources that we recommend.

Is the chaplain available outside of work hours?

Yes! Your employer has ensured that your chaplain is ready to support you whenever it is needed. While meeting during work hours is the most common way to meet, your chaplain can meet outside the workplace by appointment at a coffee shop, park, or other public space. You also can call, text or email your chaplain anytime at your convenience. To get their information ask your chaplain for a business card or look at one of the posted flyers in your workplace.

Can the chaplain help my family too?

Yes! Your employer recognizes that you are not an insulated person in the workplace but have an entire life outside of the work walls, and people that are integral to your own wellness. For this reason anyone living with you can access this benefit if they wish. Sometimes, it may be appropriate for another member of our chaplaincy team to work with members of your household to assist with conflict resolution or specific challenges that are within the specialty of a specific chaplain on our team. Our team is built of a large and vast network of chaplains with different specialities and connections which ensures we are able to best serve your whole household with the best-fit chaplain.

What if my faith is different from the chaplain's?

No problem! Your chaplain has their faith and often it is different from the faith of the employee they work with. Even if you have no faith at all, you can discuss all aspects of life with your chaplain. The chaplain's goal is not to convert you or to have you fit within their preconceived notion of what the right faith is. Rather, they want to support you on your journey, just as you are and help you achieve Better, whatever it looks like in your circumstances. You may consider yourself very religious, very secular, or somewhere in between, it makes absolutely no difference to how your chaplain will show up for you. You can discuss your spiritual journey and practices with a chaplain if you want or you can table that conversation until you choose to initiate it. Spiritual discussions just like every other discussion is invitation based, and you as an employee are the one with the invitations.

What qualifications do my chaplains have?

All our chaplains are certified through our own program which is going to be a nationally available certification program in 2023. Chaplaincy is an umbrella profession just like a Doctor, CEO, Engineer, Technician, or a manager. Just like a technician on the floor of a factory is much different than a technician in a chemistry laboratory, they require different training, different knowledge base and have very different focuses. Much like this example, a workplace chaplain is much different than a military chaplain or a healthcare/hospital chaplain--we need to use different skills because we have different goals. We are not working with clients who are facing risk of death or serious injury or needing to process the meaning of one’s life in light of a diagnosis. While these are definitely topics our chaplains are ready to answer, our focus is on the everyday Canadian worker facing everyday challenges, struggles and successes. Our focus is on being a face to face presence in one's life to go through the valleys of life and up the mountains, always there to be someone to celebrate as well as be present for the hard times. This unique approach to chaplaincy is revolutionary in Canada and while Corporate Chaplains of Canada was the first chaplaincy program in Canada when we were founded, this area continues to be an untapped resource in the marketplace even as all of the research points to chaplaincy being critical for the Canadian 21st century workforce. With only various programs run out of the United States, we recognize that the Canadian context is much different and is both deserving and demanding a customized and focused approach to chaplaincy. As such, we have developed a certification process for workplace chaplains within Canada with a contextually and culturally sensitive approach to chaplaincy in the Canadian workplace. We are thrilled to certify our chaplains and provide a certification program for chaplains across Canada that ensures the chaplain walking through the door is equipped with all of the tools and awareness necessary to effectively complete the roll of workplace chaplain.

As an employer how can I be sure that the chaplaincy program is having an impact/effect on the workplace?

As part of the chaplaincy program, we provide a quarterly engagement report which provides an overview of our engagement with your workers. This report is full of graphics providing easy reference and number of reference points including topics and issues that are most prevalent within your workforce, where the morale of the team is, and other critical aspects of the work dynamics. All the while maintaining confidentiality for every discussion and disclosure. This provides the employer with the necessary transparency and engagement with the program to keep it in your workplace.