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At BetterIt Workplace Chaplains, we believe that every employee desires the opportunity to be their best, both at work and in their personal life. Our unique chaplaincy program provides a safe and confidential space for employees to discuss whatever 'it' is that matters to them, whether it's work-related stress, family issues, or personal struggles. Having a chaplain to talk to about life's challenges, helps create a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace. Our proven track record of engaging 85% of workers under our care can be the solution to a range of workplace issues including; low usage of employee and family assistance programs, high mental health concerns, low loyalty, high turnover, absenteeism, and low morale.

Let us show you how we can take your workplace and "BetterIt".

Crisis Care

Weekly Visits

Holistic Support

Crisis care including hospital and home visitation

Weekly relationship building visits at the workplace

Support for an employee's whole household

Business Leaders & CEOs

Crisis, conflict, and distress in the workplace have a pronounced impact on team morale, productivity, and retention which all effect the bottom-line. The workplace make-up is drastically shifting in both generational and cultural make-up. Priorities are shifting and the definition of a preferred work culture are going with it. A workplace chaplain empowers employees, ensures they feel heard, valued and are a manifestation of the company's dedication to them - together we create a preferred workplace


We are often told that crisis never fails to come at the worst time at work and separating it is an impossible task. While crisis may not always be the right word, worry, stress, anxiety and relational strain are part of every day.

We believe in the power of a face-to-face permission-based care session, where you are not told about frameworks and tools to get yourself out of the hole but have someone jump into the hole with you.

We know crisis does not wait and so we meet you where you are at-in the workplace and online 24/7 to ensure you are never alone.

HR Management

Employee and Family Assistance Programs have saturated the market with over 90% of employers having such program, and yet only 8-38% of employees utilize these services. From our experience, upwards of 65% of your employees will participate and get the most out of a workplace wellness program. We deliver your most valuable resource with a service provided in the right place, at the right times in the right modalities that will see it utilized by a critical mass that will see the work culture transformed.

Why Choose our Program?

Our professional Chaplains provide stability and strength to your people, working with them to increase their capacity and resiliency in the face of external stressors and future shocks.

Coaching conversations improve performance in crisis situations, providing context and establishing perspective.

Our Chaplains connect Canadian workers to resources available in their community to ensure they get all the support they need.


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On average, most employees utilize the service.
Our Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
1 in 5 workers experience addiction or mental health issues each year.


Personal Struggles
I was struggling with some personal issues and knew I needed help. But I did not know where to get the help. I was worried about losing my job, and thought I could not afford the help I needed. I also did not want to go to some religious organization to be judged. But, I needed this job so decided to ask my Chaplain. They did not know anyone at that moment, but within the week they provided me with four different options of help—none of them were religious and I was able to get the help I needed. I really respect how they genuinely just care about my wellbeing and were able to connect me with the community resource I needed. They helped me keep my job and I am thankful for that.
Family Crisis
My Mom worked at this plant. She died this past year from a fight with cancer. Coming to work can be a very hard reminder of her. But having my Chaplain to speak to when those reminders come up and I feel sad means everything to me. I could always talk to my Mom, and since talking to the Chaplain I now have someone I can share my sadness with. I cannot afford to change jobs right now and get into a new environment without all the reminders of my Mom—knowing my manager cares for me by providing a Chaplain is what has allowed me to walk through those doors each day.
The Wednesday Guy

I call my chaplain the Wednesday-guy because he is as reliable and consistent as the day of the week he arrives on. Wednesday's are my favorite work day because I get to arrive at work knowing no matter how unpredictable or challenging my week has been at home or at work, I have my chaplain to talk to. I have never had someone I can just talk to about the stresses of my life, not anyone who actually cared at least - Wednesday-guy always has my back.

There for the hard times
We all love our chaplain, she is there for the hard times and is the best listener and is also there for the joy and celebrations. All of us had a celebration for Diwali after work this past year and we invited our chaplain. Seeing her show up and celebrate this special day with us made us feel so valued and respected. She knew through conversation how excited we were for this celebration, and she showed up and celebrated with us even though she did not celebrate Diwali in the past.
For my Daughter and I
I lost my apartment and needed to move my 5 year old daughter and myself on short notice. After telling my chaplain of my stress about this, she later texted me that she would show up and help me move on the the weekend. She lived up to her claim of being available for me and even brought lunch. Shi is not just a face at the workplace, she is a constant presence and resource in my life.

We believe every worker is more than just an employee, they are individuals, with unique lives, inside and outside of the workplace. Those lives are interconnected and personal life impacts work life. IT is always with us. But whatever IT is — our chaplains are there for IT. We care about IT, and believe no matter how good or bad, IT is, you can still Better IT — we want to help you unleash that..


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