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Dave Postal



Dave Postal

Location: Town of Comox, BC



Chaplain for the Employees of the Town of Comox

Dave was the lead pastor of a church for 42 years as a lead pastor. 20 years of which were spent as a lead pastor and community leader in Comox, where he developed expertise in local government, employee wellness and support, crisis counseling, active listening, and grief counseling. Dave's experience includes leading boards through restructuring and leading large volunteer teams.

Beyond his professional and community work, Dave enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. He loves skiing, fishing, camping, biking, walking, and hiking. Dave is married and has four sons and seven grandchildren, all of whom are an important part of his life story.

As a pastor, Dave has always been passionate about providing care and support to those in need. His specialty in crisis counseling, active listening, and grief counseling has enabled him to come alongside people during their most difficult moments. He has also been active in promoting employee wellness and supporting local government initiatives. Dave's commitment to serving others and his dedication to his faith have been a guiding force throughout his life.

4/4/2020 3:26:31 AM