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Parveen Chawla



Parveen Chawla

Location: Abbotsford, BC



Parveen Chawla serves as a workplace chaplain.

Parveen Chawla has been serving at Punjabi Masihi Church for 5 years in English, Punjabi and Hindi languages. During these years, she spent time guiding individuals through their spiritual journey. She has utilized her own experiences and struggles to assist and pray for others through their challenging times.

Parveen came to Canada 32 years ago from India and lived in Merritt BC for 8 years then moved to Abbotsford, where she got her Diploma in Payroll and Accounting. In more recent years, Parveen also owned and operated a Cleaning Company. At this current time, Parveen is committed to serve the community. Her passion for helping others and pointing them to resources in the community is growing stronger each day.

Apart from the work lifestyle, Parveen enjoys spending time with families that are connected with church, attending fellowship and praying with others. Parveen has three children and two grandchildren, which keep her busy in her free time. As a Leader, she is dedicated to serve the Lord and his Church.

6/20/2023 11:14:05 PM