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Chris Morris


  • (604) 374-8428

Chris Morris

Location: Delta BC


National Director

“Our stories are entwined with God’s grand love story about rescuing the world,” says Chris. His story begins in BC, where he was born and raised, but also takes place in Europe, Africa, East Asia and the Middle East. Chris graduated from SFU with a BA in English Literature and he has a Masters in Applied Theology from Regent College. While at Regent, he first heard of workplace chaplaincy and became intrigued at showing Christ’s love for people in the middle of their own life stories at work. After pastoring in Burnaby and then teaching overseas, Chris, his wife Lindly, and their two girls have returned to Vancouver for the next exciting chapter with Workplace Chaplains. The plot thickens!

6/29/2019 6:45:06 PM